Monday, July 29, 2002

It's been a while again since I've written anythin in my blog, mainly cuz I've been quite busy. Let's see... Last week was Mishi's birthday so we took her out to Tofu House on Wilshire in Downtown LA. It's a Korean joint that's open 24 hours, ready to serve some Soon Tofu along with some AWESOME korean ribs at all hours of the day. For some reason, they would not allow us to all sit together at the same table for some reason. So the guys sat at one table, and the girls at the other. The guys of course spent most of dinner talking about girls and checking out the Korean girls that were walking by. I have no idea what the girls were doing although it did look like they were having fun. After dinner, Angela went on her usual bone-collecting run for her little dog. And then, Mishi opened her presents. =) I got her some tofu dessert stuff that she really likes from Phoenix Cafe, got a pic of us developed and framed, and paid for half of her Paul Frank PJ's. After opening her presents, we headed back to Kat's house, where we cut the cake and played Taboo until quite late. For the rest of last week, I crammed like hell for Psychology 21 midterms, which turned out to be a fluke. On finals day (Thursday), I sat down thinkin it was gonna be a hard test as the teacher had said it was gonna be 100 questions multiple choice. But it turns out I was done in less than 20 minutes. I was supposed to get the results back today, but my professor forgot to bring them back. Anyways, Friday, I woke up early for my senior portraits (which I would've totally forgotten if I was not luckily reminded by somebody) which went pretty well. I got the proofs in the mail today, and sad to say, I look the same in all 20 of them, except for 2 of them in which the photographer told me not to smile cuz when I do, my eyes get too small. I then went out to lunch with my mom at a really good noodle place (Dumpling House on Rosemead Blvd.) In the afternoon, I just hung around Jeff's and went to scrim for a while at HTS. I hadn't played CS for a long time until Friday. Hmm.. this weekend was quite busy, I drove all the way out to Pasadena to pick up my glasses that finally arrived. Check em out sometime! I also attended the annual clarinet section party for band where we just listened to music, ate pizza, and chilled. The freshman are quite boring though. I also went for a ride in Jonathan Hamada's S2000, which was indeed a unique experience, everything from the "Engine start" button to the 200+ horsepower put out by the tiny 2 liter engine. Hmm.. after that, I spent the afternoon and evening at the beach with my church along with the Church in Westminster. We played volleyball, whiffle ball, ultimate frisbee,baseball, and finally football, so by the end of the day, I was quite tired. In the evening, we had dinner on the beach and had a bonfire/worship thing that was quite fun. Sunday was the usual - just went to church and came home and chilled. Today, woke up a little later than usual - around 1030. Drove out to drop somethin for my mom at her workplace, then went to class at PCC. Jo and Shana really liked my glasses, but James just laughed at me for about 5 minutes. Haha. And then, I came back and just sat around the house until I had to send my bro to school. After that, I just went to volunteer at Red Cross and went to the Red Cross meeting after that, where we made posters for the upcoming Yard/Bake Sale on Saturday. After I got home, I started cookin dinner (I'm in charge of that now since my mom is taking evening classes at PCC 3 nights a week). After that, I washed the dishes and went for a bike ride. I've developed this new habit of goin on bike rides ever since my bro bought his new mountain bike cuz it's kinda fun ridin a semi-nice bike, so I've been takin 2-mile rides every night - around the major blocks on the east side of Arcadia. Hmm.. after that I just cleaned out the garage and my closet for some things to donate to teh garage sale thing we're having at the Red Cross. Now, I'm just sittin here listenin to some music, gettin ready for early bed time. Tomorrow begins the bathroom remodeling project at my house. The workers are gonna be here real early in the morning, so I gotta be up by then. Tutoring also starts again tomorrow cuz my kids are back from Hawai'i. Yay, that means more income! =) Finally! My financial status has been bouncin on the red-line for the past week. Anyways, peace easy for tonight. =)

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