Thursday, July 18, 2002

Again I haven't blogged for a while, mainly because I've been busy with just runnin around. =) So, this blog will cover the past 3 days. I'll make it short. Hmm.. let's see. In the past three days, I've: swum at Jen's house, tutored my students, went to Jan's house to just chill and talk about how we were back in Dana and First Ave (JAN TRIED TO KISS JEN YANG AT A MOVIE ONCE IN SEVENTH GRADE!), gone to school, gone to Starbucks wit Jen and Mishi, gone to BS, played 1v1 with [W.E.W]barricade*BSN (Leader of Weeken Warriors... they're down here in so cali practicing for CPL), and just been studyin and such. So, yea, I've been havin a pretty mellow week. I'll try to catch up with everythin later. Hopefully gettin my WEEZER style glasses tomorrow mornin before headin out to WCCC.

Monday, July 15, 2002

Woke up at 8 today thinkin I was gonna read up on psychology, but it turns out I just sat around till around 10. Then, I started cookin lunch cuz I was so bored. Hmm.. my mom bought this type of pizza dough thing from Trader Joes and all you gotta do is shred some mozarella and put some chicken or pepperoni on it and WHALAH! pizza. Anyways, I was really full after lunch and just sat around tryin to fix up my website. Unbeknownst to me, I would have version 3.0 done by the end of today. Anyways, at around 12:30 I left for PCC for summer school and today was the first day I parked on the Bonnie Street student parking lot and so I got lost and was almost late to class. By coincidence, while I was goin up to the fourth floor for class, the elevator happened to stop on floor 3 and guess who I saw? Andrew Chang! And I thought he was at UCSD! haha. Anyways, class was short again today. Only about an hour, so I came home and tried to work on my website again... still had a few very BIG problems. At around 3, I left for the Red Cross Officers meeting with my bro so that I wouldn't hafta pick him up again to send him to summer school. So, I went to the meeting which turned out to be pretty ordinary. The officers just discussed some upcoming events and stuff. The Youth Corps is holding a garage sale sometime in August, so y'all hearty shoppers come out and support yo! After I sent my bro to school, I just came home and worked on my website till dinner time. Had fried chicken from Albertsons with my dad and bro since my mom is still at class. Now that she's started school at PCC, we only get to see her two nights a week, so the three males in the house hafta support ourselves when it comes to dinner time. =)

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Current thought: I'm really bored. Maybe I should rent Meet Joe Black tonight?

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Well, today was a very long day indeed. Let's see where it all began. Hmm.. I woke up for church and was so nervous for the first half of the meeting that I didn't really pay attention to what the speaker was saying. Why the anxiety you ask? Today was my first time playing the piano for the Lord's Table meeting and for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the part of church where you sing hymns. Anyways, yea so I was nerve-wrecked. So, the time comes for me to play, but I was so nervous, I had the other lady play the first 3 or 4 songs. And finally I worked up to sit down at the piano and play. So, I played the next 3 or 4 songs. It actually turned out to be way better than I had expected. So, I was quite relieved by the end of the meeting. After that, I left church early and took Monkey out to his belated bday luncheon. Me, Mishi, and Jen Ma took him back to Alhambra's famous Garden Cafe to yam some cha and sec some fun. The food was great and we had a lot of fun just talking, reminiscing about our childhood habits, etc. After that, the girls decided to go take sticky pictures but it turns out the place that had the machines was now completely gone. So, we went to some rice-rocket stop where you can look at stuff to buy for your car, but it was really boring so we headed back to Arcadia. Once back, we stopped at the mall and just shopped around without buyin anythin although there were some really good sales today. Gap had cargo khakis for 12 bucks but too bad only in one size - waist 31. =P So, we just chilled at the mall for about 30 minutes and then went back to Jen Ma's house to check out her new puppy, Cookie, whom Jen had just picked up from the Pasadena Humane Society yesterday. It's a shepherd mix and only a little more than one month old. It was absolutely adorable. =) Hope to take some pictures of it before it becomes a mean old dog. haha, jk. It was by now around 5 and so, I picked up my bro and sent him to trumpet lessons. I then went home in hopes of taking a nice shower, but I ended up drilling a hole in my wall for my home network development. However, the hole turned out to be too small and I lost the ethernet cable somewhere in the crack in between the wall in my room and the wall in my brothers. But by this time, it was dinner time, so we picked up my aunt and cousin, and my other cousin that's visiting from Taiwan and drove out to Tofu House in Downtown LA. I had the beef ribs soon tofu bowl combination. It was way delicious other than the fact that I ate too much. Haha, anyways, then headed home, worked on making the hole in the wall bigger for another 45 mintues and finally hooked up all the ethernet stuff and WHALAH, by 11 oclock, I had my home network complete finally. Thanks to Monkey for the free router!! So from now on, fortunately my brother won't nag at me to use the internet or to chat or anything. I can even download only what I want to listen to instead of all the dumb trance type stuff my brother listens to. Showered, gonna go to bed soon.

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Current mood: Sleepy. Gosh I hafta study SO much tomorrow morning for psychology cuz I procrastinated AGAIN. Argh.