Saturday, July 13, 2002

I guess again I've forgotten to blog. So, this one's gonna cover both today and yesterday. Ok, let's see. Yesterday mornin, I woke up early to take Mishi to the DMV to take her permit test. It was really cool just spendin some time with her and hooray for her, she passed with ZERO errors - a major feat indeed. =) Hmm.. after that, we came back to Arcadia and picked up Jen Wu for lunch since she's always complainin how we never get to hang out. So, we decided to get our grub on at Tokyo Lobby and it was a great lunch. You can check out the pictures that we took on my website. Anyways, we all had fun just tryin to outdo each other with the wasabi-eatin and of course, nobody really won. Everybody teared up. This happens to be the only meal that I would have that day, but it was pretty big - teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and sashimi. That's other than the salad, miso soup, and rice. haha It was great just hangin out with a friend that you don't usually hang out with, so that was good. After that, we took Jen Wu back to work. Then, I just stayed at Mishi's house for a while, which was kinda cool cuz I've never really stayed at her house for an extended period of time and we just sat around, me tryin to understand the cantonese soap opera that her grandma was watching, but I failed miserably. Then, Mishi found out her AP score for Physics. =) I got all excited and wanted to go home, but decided it was too far. Kat came over around 330 to get her hair straightened out because her senior portraits were that day, so we just talked and watched TV for a while. After that, we all went to the mall to volunteer at the Red Cross Blood Mobile that they were having. It was quite an experience because it was the first time I've actually seen someone faint from giving blood. Anyways, not that it was funny or anything. Jen Hsieh, Connie, Kat, Mishi, and I just helped out signing people in, folding T-shirts, etc. Man, where are all my guy friends, huh? In the middle, I called home to ask my brother to tear open the Collegeboard letter to find out my AP scores, and I guess I was quite satisfied. =) Hard work pays off. After that, we took sticker pictures ( yes, i'm homo) at this Kodak machine. We all decided to watch Road to Perdition after that so we went over to the Krikorian but whaddaya know? We were there early and we had problems buyin tickets since only a couple of us are over 17. I luckily just flashed my drivers license and the guy let me buy the ticket. I went in thinkin that the movie would be pretty good and when I came out, I was happy that it was - other than the fact that is was quite long and dragged out. Maybe that's why a couple of people fell asleep. After that, everybody decided to go to Applebees for happy hour, but when I got there I realized that I was broke and so didn't get anything even though I was starving. But I ate a lot for lunch anyways. I just hung out and drank some ice water. Haha, free of charge. For some reason when the bill came, they forgot to do happy hour prices so the bill came out to be WAY over. Everybody panicked. And for some reason, our group always seems to attract a lot of attention. Or maybe it's just Angela. Hahaha jk. Hmm.. but they got it fixed and I just took Jen home since she lives like 2 seconds away from me. Yup, I just went to sleep after that. Oh yea, it was pretty cool just hangin out with like 15 people - Jon, Ming, Will, Loren, Joseph, Jeff, Gogo, Aaron, Angela, Jen Ma, Jen Hsieh (like the first time she stayed out late with us), and Mishi. And we also saw the AOA group there - Kristine, Solomon, Kev Chen, Jen Wu, Edwin, etc. etc. So, Applebees was ATO'ed up. =) Anyways, it was a really fun day and I was pretty tired. Props to Mishi for gettin a perfect score. =T I couldn't even do that.

Today? Hmm.. I woke up early to get to an eye exam at my optometrist and guess what? My eyes are gettin WAY worse. And she said that I have really high pressure in my eyes and said I might be a later victim of glaucomia or somethin like that... it's a really bad eye disease. Well, it's not contagious, so yea. =) Hmm.. OH YEA, I FINALLY GOT THOSE FAT-RIMMED WEEZER LOOKING GLASSES. WOOHOOO. EMPORIO ARMANI TOO!! AND GUESS WHAT?? IT WAS ALL FREE INCLUDING LENSES cuz it was like covered under my plan. I couldn't find any on display that owuld actually fit my fat head, but the lady was REALLY nice and found me a pair from behind the counter. She was really nice and even said I looked good in them so I can't wait to hera what y'all hafta say about them. I get them in four business days. I bet you guys will laugh your heads off. ANyways, after I got home, I decided to wash "my" car, so I took it over to Jon's house since he has a big tree for shade. I don't want anymore water spots =T. His dad was pretty cool and came out to wash his car with me. And I met my 2nd cousin, cuz she was over from Philadelphia because Jon's whole family is goin on a church trip to Brazil. Darn I really wanted to go. Anyways, Helena was home too and took a test drive in my car. She also bagged on how I was jockin her style with the glasses and stuff. =T Oh well, it's cuz I used to call her "gothic" when she just got those glasses, but of course she also had those plaid pants and dark nails, so I believe I was justified. But I guess stereotypes are never really justified. After that, I found out Peter couldn't make the birthday lunch I had planned for him cuz he had tutoring, so we moved it to another day. So, I sent my bro to his friend's house and bought some food and had lunch with my mom. Geez, people at the Chinese 99 Ranch Market food court are SO rude. 3 ladies cut in front of me! Arghh, but i didn't say anything. Well, I was feeling pretty badass today since I got to drive the TL around for the whole day. So I was all revving in the 99 Ranch parking lot in front of this guy in this sports car and his gf. I did it kind of accidentally, but they looked at me. After lunch, I just hung out and went grocery shopping with my mom at Trader Joe's, then Albertsons, then 99 Ranch Market cuz she forgot the church home meeting tonight was at our house. She was definitely saved from catastrophe. I then took my bro and a church friend to play an hour of counter-Strike then went to church. So, now I'm back from church and am about to go to sleep soon. Wish me luck. I'm playin piano for Sunday service tomorrow for the first time! ahhh.

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Current thought/mood: Thank GOD I did not crash into that huge Ford pickup truck on the freeway. It was REALLY close. AND I was driving the new car. Incidents like that luckily teach you your lesson though. Phew! =T

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Wow.. I forgot to blog yesterday. Anyways, yesterday was nothin special. Had summer school in the mornin and afterwards went out for some dinner with Mishi, Angela, Jen, Aaron, and Will at Casa del Rey. We just had some burritos that didn't come out as good as I thought they would. We were gonna rent a movie, but decided to just go home, so I came home and just sat around. Today was pretty much the same, but after summer school, I had to stop by the PCC library to pick some stuff up for my mom. After I got home, I went back out to HTS to play a scrim with the clan. We scrimmed against Team Rival, a Cal-invite clan, which basically means they're very good, but not the best, but we lost pretty bad cuz we played a map that we didn't know too well. Anyways, after that, I came home and got ready for band. Tonight, we cleaned out the entire band room - this means scrubbing the walls with soap, cleaning out the instrument cubbys, hoovering the floor, cleaning the windows, etc. etc., so at the end, I was pretty tired. So, I came home and had some dinner with my family and just chilled. All my other friends are out again somewhere, but I just decided to stay home. Oh yea, thanks to Monkey and Johnson for the FREE router, now I'm lookin for FREE ethernet cables.. they're quite expensive at compusa. Anyways, yea, tomorrow will be pretty much the same.

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Current thought/mood: RIP to that girl that died on Campus and Santa Anita.

Monday, July 08, 2002

OK, I'll just blog for both today and tomorrow. Let's see. Yesterday was a VERY busy day for me. I went to church in the morning and came home early for lunch, went back out to Victoria's house to sand blocks for band camp for 2 hours, came back home to pick my brother up, sent my brother to trumpet lessons, came back home, picked Anita up and went over to James' house to discuss Red Cross Haunted House stuff, then back home for dinner. Later, I spent about 4 hours cleaning out my room and formatted my computer. So, now my computer's as good as new - all 400 megahertz of it. haha. Anyways, today was relatively eventless. Woke up around 10 and just helped my brother install internet on his computer (I hope to buy a router from Best Buy tonight or tomorrow night since it's on sale for only 30 bucks) and then ate some lunch. After that, I got ready for my first day of summer school at PCC. Luckily, I found my classroom in only a few minutes and to my surprise... there are 3 people I know in it! James Weng, Jo Sith, and Shana Wang will all accompany me for the next 6 weeks in this class. But from Dr. Linsalato's lecture today, it seems psychology is a VERY interesting topic. We talked about how Coca-Cola and Disneyland messes up the minds of children and adults alike. Anyways, so I"m back home now just chillin it... had some Dreyer's Grand Chocolate Chips ice cream and am about to go send my brother to school soon. After that, I'm probably just gonna hang out and then go to Red Cross. =) So, yup that's it for now.

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