Saturday, July 06, 2002

To think back on it, it seems like today passed by with only two activities. I woke up around 9ish and just sat around the house until 10. Then, I left for my cousin's grandfather's funeral (he is not related to me.) It was held at the Skyrose Chapel at Rose Hills and it was an awesome place. You look forward from the pews and you just see sky through this huge 100 ft tall window since the chapel sits at the highest point at Rose Hills. Yes, so that was quite an experience. Anyways, it's always quite sad to see someone you know really sad but funerals always remind me about the urgency and preciousness of life I guess. I mean, ya never know. So after the funeral, I drove my brother home and grabbed some lunch at Jim's Burger. Right after having my 1/4 pound hamburger and onion rings, I was out again... this time headed for church. Tonight happened to be a special meeting with the Church in Westminister so a bunch of us caravanned from our church out to the Church in Westminister. When we arrived about 30 minutes later, there was no one at their church yet so we just hung out and played some basketball. Luckily for me, Will Chen carries his entire wardrobe in the trunk of his car and therefore, I was able to borrow some shorts and play also. As we played, more and more people came, so we began dinner. The people at my church seem a bit xenophobic, meaning we never seem to try to blend with new people that we don't quite know. So I took the initiative and went from table to table makin a WHOLE bunch of new friends - including Steven and Samuel (the two Japanese guys), Sam (the baller), Enoch, Eden, and Elim, Michelle, Christie, Richard, Yasmine, Joanna, and Hanson, and yup, that's about their whole youth group that's around my age. Anyways, it was great meetin all of them. The message at the meetin was quite good and it was given by a sister named Agnis, who is from Africa. She talked about how we're already certain of the past and the future, so we should use our knowledge about those two time frames to influence the way we live in the present. It was awesome to just be able to see people from other localities worshipping the same God you are. I dunno how to explain it, but it's cool. Hmm.. after that we just hung out and had some dessert, and then the long drive home. =) Got home around 11:15 and just chilled. Anyways, today was pretty good. I got to know a lot of new people and just hang out. Hmm.. too bad I didn't get any Pho at Little Saigon... it was just down the street, but I was feelin really full even though I only had one scoop of potato salad for dinner. I'm feelin kinda hungry now.

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Current thought: Today, my cousin got his brand-spankin new BMW M3 (about 4 days old) crashed in the driver side door. It was parked on the street outside his house. Luckily, he was really smart and hid behind a bush and waited for his neighbor to get home and guess what? His neighbor's pickup truck had a dent on the back bumper and it was the same height as the dent that was made. On top of that, there was silver paint (the color of my cousin's M3) on the pickup's bumper. Yet, not surprisingly, the neighbor denied it until the cops threatened to book them in jail if they kept denyin it. Sad, huh? Fortunately, this is fully covered by my cousin's insurance. Gosh... my cousin is so spoiled, he's only 20 and his parents bought him an M3.

Friday, July 05, 2002

After a long silence on my blogger, I've finally decided that I'm gonna start up again. I have nothing to do everyday anyways. So, today was a relatively productive day. =) Woke up at 8 by a phone call from my cable company. I was having a problem with accessing my webshots server, so I took about an hour over the phone with this guy from Altrio tryin to fix the problem. Finally got it done which is good news cuz now I can update my photo albums again, so check it out! Anyways, after that, I washed my Dad's car, then washed my mom's. It was already 12:30 by then. Then, dropped off Jen's oboe and Daniel's french horn at their houses. They've just been sittin in my garage for about 2 weeks. After that, my parents took my brother and me out to eat lunch at Todai. Again, I crashed my diet. I'm thinkin I probably gained 5 pounds. But to make things better, my waitress was absolutely beautiful. It was actually the same one that I had the last time I went which was back in February. Her name is Hye Young so I'm guessin she isKorean. Anyways, after that I just walked around the mall takin another look at my Steve Madden shoes. (Check out the Shooter... that's the pair I want.) Hmm.. then after that I went to tutor from 4-6 and got my paycheck for the week. Then came home and just hung around till now. =)

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