Saturday, August 10, 2002

Today was a pretty good Friday I guess. That is, until we decided to go play CS till 12 oclock. OK, so after my last entry, I sent Mishi to an SCOC meeting at Victoria's house. Then, thinking that maybe it would be over in about an hour or so I stayed on the west side of town and just went window shopping at the mall. Wandering hte mall in the wee hours of hte morning before the crowds and crowds of shoppers hit it is a really fascinating and unique experience. All the employees in all the stores actually have time to greet you and inquire about your well-being which I found to be quite nice. Hmm.. didn't buy anything so I just decided to head home. Watched some TV and chatted a little. Then off to lunch with Diana Yang and Mishi at Old Dumpling House across from Kmart. Awesome food. Third time I've been there in the past two weeks. Hmm.. after that, did a little shopping at kmart, but walked out without buying anything even though I really wanted to get the buy one get one free Herbal Essences for 2.99 each. Diana had class to attend to. Hmm.. after that, drove out to Wal-mart to get some camp stuff and just wandered around for a while, checking out all the new Wal-Mart stuff. After that dropped Mishi off with Jen Ma, but on my way home, Jen Ma called and said she was out of money as she was taking her senior portraits today. So I drove out to Dognak photography to spot Jen, but for some reason they were temporarily closed with a sticker on the door that said be back at 3:00. Nobody came back till 3:25. It was mighty hot outside. Jen's makeup was at the point of becoming a mess. After that, I went to tutor and today was better as it was only a two-hour session. So luckily I got through it. I also got paid today for the past two weeks. Therefore, I arrived home 150 dollars richer. Hmm.. sat around again for a while watching TV, then made Hainan chicken over rice (well attempted to at least) for my dad and me. It didn't come out half bad! Then I was off to Souplantation to chill with the crew. No, I did not eat a second dinner. Hmm.. Angela looked at me funny when I aksked if someone could just please get me a little ice cream, cuz I was dying for something cold. I thought twice and realized that Angela's look expressed her disgust with this semi-stealing so I ended up just drinking a lot of ice water. Not that if Angela weren't there I'd go for it. I realized my mistake. Hmm.. after sitting around at Souplantation for a while, I drove out to Monrovia High School to go pick up Ben (Jen's brother) from tennis practice and then headed to HTS for some CS. Kinda lame ending to a pretty good day. How anti-climactic. =T But then again, it's no big surprise, many of our days this summer have already ended like that.

Current winamp: Nothing. I'm just listening to the crickets through my window. Seriously.
Current mood/thought: Iron Chef is a pretty interesting show. Watched it for the first time today. LDC in 2 days!!!!!!! WOOOOOT. Band camp in 2 weeks WOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!

Friday, August 09, 2002

Ahhh.. the feel of early morning without the feeling of utter pandemonium in the rush to get somewhere. The house is empty for once. My brother left while I was still asleep to go chill with his amigos and my dad's at work, so yeaaaa, party at Matt's, haha, jk. Well, I'm just bored so gonna write a bit. Hmm... oh yea, isn't it funny how we always say at teh beginning of the summer to certain people, "Oh we gotta hang out sometime, we're gonna chill everyday!" And here I find myself almost at teh end of summer and there is an endless list of people that I have yet to spend time with before school starts again. =T Well, hopefully Diana Yang will call me today so we can go out for some lunch and Peter still owes me some boba or something. Hmm.. anyways, I was having this ant problem on my computer table but I JUST could not figure out where they were comin from. This morning, I crawled under my table and WHALA, i hit the jackpot. They're coming inside my house from the hole that my cable lines runs in from from the outside. And how are they getting onto my desk? Those bloody rascals are climbing the entire length of the cable cord onto my cable modem, down my printer (on which the cable modem sits) and then they're invading my desk space. =T Arghh, well I shoved some Raid up their pants. Anyways, I gotta run now. More later.

Current winamp: Nothing for once. Just enjoying the morning sounds of crows cawwing and my toilet bowl making the refilling noise.
Current mood/thought: A happy day ahead of me! woohoo! Then two more days and then off to LDC! I"m gonna go shopping for camp supplies today.
Well, what is there to say about today? It was pretty much again the same except I had to tutor two sessions morning and night, and oh believe me, today was a real test of patience. Towards the end of the second session, I was pretty much out of energy with the two kids. But the bright side to all this is that hard work pays off, and I get my paycheck (two week's worth of salary) tomorrow. Hoorah. Hmm... what other points of interest... Oh yea, I found out that I might actually have to drive to LDC camp next week as the PCC administration could not administer the Psych 21 final on any other day, so yea, that was some "good" news, especially with gas prices up so high nowadays. Sympathy for Jo Sith though. She's gonna be at Cheer Camp in Santa Barbara and she can't even get a ride back down to Pas for the final, so I dunno what she's gonna do. =P Hmm.. Anyways, after class, me, Jo, and Shana went shopping at Marshalls (recommended by James Weng). I personally hadn't been there for years, but boy am I glad I went. They have awesome stuff for really reasonable prices and today, I spent some dough and bought myself a Quiksilver sweater that usually runs for about 45-50 at skate shops for 20 bucks and an American Eagle Outfitters visor (that usually runs for about 10-15 I'm guessing) for 3 bucks. Oh, actually the tag said 4 but I outsmarted the cash register and she rang up 3. Haha =P. I'm a really conservative shopper like that. Don't hate. Hmm.. this morning I also stopped by Advantis Ride to look for a hat before going to tutor. The guy that works there must think I'm weird cuz I've stopped there 3 times in the past 4 days. 4 days ago, I went in telling him I was looking for shoes. When he told me their shoes usually run for about 102 dollars without tax, I said "Oh I didn't get paid yet, I'll come back for sure when I do." Two days ago, after visiting Jon at Dreamlab I went again, this time asking for hats. He showed me all of them. I didn't have money again, well, not enough for their outrageously overpriced hats for 25 bucks. But he told me there's a promotion going on. If you buy any Hurley or Ambiguous product, you get the secnod half off. So this morning, I went in thinking I'd actually try some of them hats on. None of them fit. I realized hats make me look like chubby cheeks. The hat does this suction action to my head and puts all my hair against my skull and then my face is so chubby the whole picture begins to look like a... i dunno. Hmm.. oh, tonight I cooked my world-reknown steak on my Foreman Grille. Good stuff man even though Mishi claims it's nasty. Dude, I HAFTA give MAD PROPS to my dad this week. He usually NEVER cooks or does ANY cleaning. But, he's actually made very satisfactory.. wait that's an understatement... he's worked very hard at making very delicious meals this week in the absence of my mother, and so far, he's succeeded. Dinner is usually, a full salad (raisins, exotic nuts and all), a 3-course meal (or spaghetti or stuff like that), a soup (chicken usually, with a real chicken that you can eat inside), and some dessert (well that's thanks to Jen and Victoria... I've been eating what they've baked for the past 4 days and I'm still not done). So yea, Dad's definitely proved himself worthy, but to my dismay, I found out today that Mom's getting back the day I'm leaving for LDC, so we're gonna miss each other. Haven't seen her for almost 2 weeks now, and with LDC, it's gonna be 3. Some of you might say "that isn't even that long" but this is the first time in my life (aside from the time when my parents ditched me for their anniversary trip to Australia) where my parent(s) have been away for so long, so yea it's definitely a change. It's given me a chance to exercise my sense of responsibility. I think the cardio workout thing has become a nightly thing now. Tonight, I played tennis for about an hour with everybody (including Kat and Connie for the first time! havne't seen them hangin out a lot this summer but they are both very good at tennis) and then ran 3 laps on the track with Angela (including bleachers). So I'm lookin forward to bein sore tomorrow. Oh yea, on the way to playin tennis, I was tryin to start the Lexus, and the engine made a rat-a-tat-tat machine gun noise and then the speedometer jumped to 60 mph even when the wheels weren't turning. It was scary. But after I got back from tennis, me and my dad did a simple cable-jump and now the Lex is back on it's feet. I think the battery needs changing... it's been four years, but the car still looks like new. =P Much thanks to my washing/waxing almost every week.

Current winamp: The Temptations - Stand By Me (Me and Kenny might sing it karoake at band camp... depends on how delirious I am that night.)
Current thought/mood: A lot of you are probably wonder why I bother writing so much in my blogger. First of all, when I write, I get a sense of all that I've accomplished for that day, so it's a personal morale booster. Well, of course sometimes it also reminds me how much time I've wasted that particular day, but most of the time, I feeel good after writing about my day. So, it's like a personal journal. Secondly, there ARE people that actualyl read every word of it since they're just so bored (ahem... Grace Kan.. even though she's supposedly "working"), so I'm just gonna try my best to entertain them.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Today was pretty a replay of yesterday except for the fact that I was too lazy to go jogging in the hot sun again. So instead, I did a little window-shopping at Ross (they actually have some pretty good stuff) and then stopped by Advantis Ride to look for a baseball cap. To my utter despair, baseball caps now run for about 25 bucks each. What is this world coming to? That means FIVE FULL meals at Carl's Jr. (and not just that Jalapeno Cheeseburger combo, we're talking REAL meals, like the double western bacon cheeseburger combo), or that could mean 2 nice pairs of khakis from Gap Clearance, or that could mean ONE FULL DAY at paintballing. Oh well. At least I managed to find some sweatshirts at Ross for a fairly reasonable price that I asked to be put on hold until tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have a chance to stop by and pick at least one of them up, depending on my financial status. I still haven't quite figured out a way to solve the Finals/LDC camp problem, but hopefully I'll get to school earlier tomorrow and talk to some more administration about it. I waited for about 20 minutes after class today for a woman that never showed up. She was supposed to tell me what to do and stuff, but obviously PCC is much too busy to handle a case of a high school student who didn't plan ahead for a conflict in schedule. So I left after talking to another lady with an Irish accent for about 5 minutes who ended up not knowing didlysquat about what I wanted to get information about. Anyways, I was just thinking about how quickly summer is coming to an end - 3 more weeks - one week for LDC, and one week of band camp, leaving one more full week of "real" summer. Anyways, senior year isn't something that we should be apprehensive about anyways. Well, actually let me rephrase that. Second semester senior year is not something we should be apprehensive about. Haha. Oh yea, I received the results for my STAR or SAT 9 or whatever you call those dumb standardized tests that we take in the spring of every year - those tests that comprise a week of sheer and ludicrous stupidity. I realized that the results on paper are no more than a demographics statement - telling us how fortunate we are to be able to afford the property here in Arcadia and thus attend Arcadia schools. Oh hooray we get a thousand dollars towards college, but who are the ones that really need that money? The people that are not performing well on these tests because of their unfortunate scholastic circumstances. In other words, the kids that attend Compton High School or Inglewood Prep are stuck in a hole they can't really dig themselves out of. Because their schools and teachers are less advanced, the student's learning environment does not promote a stimulative and interactive desire to learn, because of this, they do not see the point in taking the tests and those that do, perform poorly. But how are they supposed to dig themselves out of the hole if only those that are already affluent are taking all the grant money? I'm not saying that some people at Arcadia High School don't need this - it is far from that. I do acknowledge that it's a good idea and many families in Arcadia are helped out financially because of this. But, a majority of the people at my school that get this grant money are the ones whose parents push the S-class Benz around town or spoil their children with Acuras and Lexuses. And the horrible thing is a lot of them don't even appreciate it. It's just like eh... whatever to them. Only a thousand bucks... that's about my lunch money for a year - no big deal. So anyways, yea there are a lot of other reasons why I don't like the tests such as the fact that the test questions make you feel liek you're being tested whether you're retarded or not. On the social science section, they repeat the same question like 4 times. Anyways, yea, I just felt like blabbin a lot about how much I dislike the test. and I know it is not very objective. In fact, it is quite biased. Maybe because I'm tired or maybe because I just feel like startin some controversy on my babble. hahah, i dunno. I know i'm a spoiled kid. i know i'm not appreciative enough. so, basically, think what you wanna think about those tests. i don't really hate them that much. it's just that i feel there are lots of things in society that unfairly leave certain groups of people, especially minorities, at a greater disadvantage than the one they already face from day to day. i really don't mean to come across as a school-bashing rebel. i don't. cuz i'm a nerd. so yea, basically, i just felt like blabbing. =P i'll stop. tutoring tomorrow morning. really early too. nite.

current winamp: Dashboard Confessional - The Good Fight
current mood/thought: quite content with the things i have. especially after reading an article about the lives of Pakistani and Indian children on MSNBC the other day. Oh yea, how am i gonna fit lunches with three different people in two days?
Today was a relatively productive day. Woke up quite early today to go tutor. It's funny how tutoring really tests your patience sometimes. The first hour is always interesting and easy, then the second hour rolls around and the kid just shuts down or something. Seriously, like I will be talking to him and after lecturing for five minutes, I look at him and he hasn't heard a single word I have said. Well, tutoring is definitely something that helps you work on your patience problems. Anyways, after that, had a REALLY good seafood shishkabob for lunch that my neighbor gave us. Each kabob was five bucks! He had this party that he failed to attend and thus, was stuck with a whole truckload of kabobs. After lunch, I hurriedly made my way to PCC for class. I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna do about finals as I'm going to be at a Leadership Development Camp in Yucaipa Valley, CA all of next week. Ughh... gotta figure that one out. After I got home, I WENT FOR A JOG IN THE UNFORGIVING HEAT FOR AN HOUR AT THE ARCADIA HIGH SCHOOL TRACK WITH JAN. Did y'all hear that? Yea, well I got some incentive to lose weight and get fit. I dont' really know what, but I just felt it and so I'm goin on this strict diet/workout regimen. So if you ever see me reaching for a greasy fry, slap me silly. After a nice shower, I sent my brother to summer school and visited Jon working at Dreamlab and just stayed around since it was nice and air-conditioned. Tonight, had a good spaghetti lunch with dad at home and hit the tennis courts with my friends after dinner. Played for about an hour and a half and I've got to admit, the Go brothers are quite capable in the fine art of tennis. hahah. =P Mad props. After tennis, came home and washed the new car and am now just sittin here letting my thigh muscles relax a bit. I can already feel them tensing up from the bleacher running this afternoon.

Current winamp: Creed - With Arms Wide Open (Old, but still good)
Current mood: Happyyyy, reminiscing.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

My deepest apologies again for not keeping up with my hasty and thus naive resolution of daily updates with my blog. In the past week, I've probably been on the edge of something much too deep more than I have any other single week in my entire life. First of all, my grandfather in Taiwan passed away in the early morning of August 2nd, 2002. Luckily, my mom was at his side when he did pass away. My father however, was on the East Coast, taking my other grandparents on a grand tour of the East Coast - one of their life-long desires. Now in retrospect, I don't think that was too bad an idea, taking into consideration how fleeting life can be. One day you're here, one day you're not. On top of that, I had some really good discussions about Life with the big L with my friends. During one AIM sitting, one of my friends popped a question that has befuddled almost everyone one point in their lives, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" I wasn't offended or anything since she is of a totally different religion, but I had to actually sit and think about this for a while, and I think I have come to a conclusion that is satisfactory enough for the moment. God works in ways we do not understand. Even if we did try, I don't think we could. We as humans are just so full of ourselves sometimes that we believe we can come up with an explanation for everything. We feel this need to explain how and why everything works out the way they do. When we can't, we come up with theories, as if that would make us more in control of the situation. However, I've come to the realization this week that perhaps, God is much more unfathomable than we can even begin to comprehend. Yea, well there you have my take on that topic. Because of my parents' being out of town, I was faced with the responsibility of taking care of my brother for four days. This is the first time in my life I have had to do so and it turned out to be much less daunting a task than it looks. However, I did learn to appreciate all the little things my parents do for me, such as wipe the breakfast table down after every meal, do the laundry, etc. Yes, I am quite pampered and spoiled to some extent - we all are. I spent a lot of time at church (and played a lot of piano for worship) this weekend and got to meet somebody new. Her name's Sharon and she is visiting from Taiwan. I also had the honor of taking this distinguished guest home after the Saturday night youth meeting and I have come to the conclusion that FOBS rock. =) Not to say that I'm not one myself, especially with the new pair of E.A. glasses and all. But, yea, she's a great person. And despite the fact that I am an oblivious, cultural mongrel of an ABC, I had a fun time getting to know her. Oh and by the way, she's really cute. That was such an unprofessional and immature remark, huh? Today, I just sat around, went to school, where we sat down and had quite a difficult time deciding whether we actually wanted to have class or not until one of my classmates remarked either out of contempt or a sincere desire to learn, "I paid 20 bucks to take this class, and I am going to get my money's worth, so why don't you just start the class?" My teacher was taken aback and immediately got his act together. Funny JC professors. haha I then went out for some drinks with Jen and Michelle and visited Jon working at DreamLab, bought him a cantaloupe boba drink that ended up making me feel like a turd sandwiched in between your butt and your pants. My sincere generosity was returned by my having to pay half a dollar for sitting at a computer for 15 minutes. =T My lack of hookups is one day going to lead to my ultimate demise. I then had a Red Cross meeting and later had dinner with Dad, David, and Jon's family. Before I forget to mention it, I was having one of the most emotionally constipated afternoons in my entire life today. My friends must have thought me an asshole for not talking to them or whatnot. I kind of just stood there and had nothing to say except for the fact that I was complaining every 5 minutes about how messed up I was feeling. I"m a whiner. Anyways, tonight turned out to be a total turnaround. I couldn't find any of my guy friends as they were all out playing Counter-Strike (as they always are), so I asked some other people to play tennis with me. Jen turned out to be the only one that could and she accompanied me to Arcadia High, where we finally got a court after waiting for about 15 minutes. The funny thing is the lights went out 4 minutes after we had started warming up. So we just decided to go for a walk around the track. This walk would turn out to be a walk to remember, not in the sense that it was romantic or anything. It was just one of those things that make you end up feeling like there are moments of life that just sparkle. We just spent about an hour walking and chatting (thus burning calories, which has been one of my highest-priority goals). The best thing is in the middle of it all, whaddaya know, Jen Wu and Victoria call me and send me a cake and cookies they baked, and a card to the track at 11 oclock at night. My friends are awesome. So, I was gingerly reminded that life does go on. When life throws you lemons, you don't just shrivel up and die. You make lemonade.

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Current mood/thought: Life can be quite good. =)

Monday, July 29, 2002

It's been a while again since I've written anythin in my blog, mainly cuz I've been quite busy. Let's see... Last week was Mishi's birthday so we took her out to Tofu House on Wilshire in Downtown LA. It's a Korean joint that's open 24 hours, ready to serve some Soon Tofu along with some AWESOME korean ribs at all hours of the day. For some reason, they would not allow us to all sit together at the same table for some reason. So the guys sat at one table, and the girls at the other. The guys of course spent most of dinner talking about girls and checking out the Korean girls that were walking by. I have no idea what the girls were doing although it did look like they were having fun. After dinner, Angela went on her usual bone-collecting run for her little dog. And then, Mishi opened her presents. =) I got her some tofu dessert stuff that she really likes from Phoenix Cafe, got a pic of us developed and framed, and paid for half of her Paul Frank PJ's. After opening her presents, we headed back to Kat's house, where we cut the cake and played Taboo until quite late. For the rest of last week, I crammed like hell for Psychology 21 midterms, which turned out to be a fluke. On finals day (Thursday), I sat down thinkin it was gonna be a hard test as the teacher had said it was gonna be 100 questions multiple choice. But it turns out I was done in less than 20 minutes. I was supposed to get the results back today, but my professor forgot to bring them back. Anyways, Friday, I woke up early for my senior portraits (which I would've totally forgotten if I was not luckily reminded by somebody) which went pretty well. I got the proofs in the mail today, and sad to say, I look the same in all 20 of them, except for 2 of them in which the photographer told me not to smile cuz when I do, my eyes get too small. I then went out to lunch with my mom at a really good noodle place (Dumpling House on Rosemead Blvd.) In the afternoon, I just hung around Jeff's and went to scrim for a while at HTS. I hadn't played CS for a long time until Friday. Hmm.. this weekend was quite busy, I drove all the way out to Pasadena to pick up my glasses that finally arrived. Check em out sometime! I also attended the annual clarinet section party for band where we just listened to music, ate pizza, and chilled. The freshman are quite boring though. I also went for a ride in Jonathan Hamada's S2000, which was indeed a unique experience, everything from the "Engine start" button to the 200+ horsepower put out by the tiny 2 liter engine. Hmm.. after that, I spent the afternoon and evening at the beach with my church along with the Church in Westminster. We played volleyball, whiffle ball, ultimate frisbee,baseball, and finally football, so by the end of the day, I was quite tired. In the evening, we had dinner on the beach and had a bonfire/worship thing that was quite fun. Sunday was the usual - just went to church and came home and chilled. Today, woke up a little later than usual - around 1030. Drove out to drop somethin for my mom at her workplace, then went to class at PCC. Jo and Shana really liked my glasses, but James just laughed at me for about 5 minutes. Haha. And then, I came back and just sat around the house until I had to send my bro to school. After that, I just went to volunteer at Red Cross and went to the Red Cross meeting after that, where we made posters for the upcoming Yard/Bake Sale on Saturday. After I got home, I started cookin dinner (I'm in charge of that now since my mom is taking evening classes at PCC 3 nights a week). After that, I washed the dishes and went for a bike ride. I've developed this new habit of goin on bike rides ever since my bro bought his new mountain bike cuz it's kinda fun ridin a semi-nice bike, so I've been takin 2-mile rides every night - around the major blocks on the east side of Arcadia. Hmm.. after that I just cleaned out the garage and my closet for some things to donate to teh garage sale thing we're having at the Red Cross. Now, I'm just sittin here listenin to some music, gettin ready for early bed time. Tomorrow begins the bathroom remodeling project at my house. The workers are gonna be here real early in the morning, so I gotta be up by then. Tutoring also starts again tomorrow cuz my kids are back from Hawai'i. Yay, that means more income! =) Finally! My financial status has been bouncin on the red-line for the past week. Anyways, peace easy for tonight. =)

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Current mood/thought: Some people are just such a damn tack in the ass.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Again I haven't blogged for a while, mainly because I've been busy with just runnin around. =) So, this blog will cover the past 3 days. I'll make it short. Hmm.. let's see. In the past three days, I've: swum at Jen's house, tutored my students, went to Jan's house to just chill and talk about how we were back in Dana and First Ave (JAN TRIED TO KISS JEN YANG AT A MOVIE ONCE IN SEVENTH GRADE!), gone to school, gone to Starbucks wit Jen and Mishi, gone to BS, played 1v1 with [W.E.W]barricade*BSN (Leader of Weeken Warriors... they're down here in so cali practicing for CPL), and just been studyin and such. So, yea, I've been havin a pretty mellow week. I'll try to catch up with everythin later. Hopefully gettin my WEEZER style glasses tomorrow mornin before headin out to WCCC.

Monday, July 15, 2002

Woke up at 8 today thinkin I was gonna read up on psychology, but it turns out I just sat around till around 10. Then, I started cookin lunch cuz I was so bored. Hmm.. my mom bought this type of pizza dough thing from Trader Joes and all you gotta do is shred some mozarella and put some chicken or pepperoni on it and WHALAH! pizza. Anyways, I was really full after lunch and just sat around tryin to fix up my website. Unbeknownst to me, I would have version 3.0 done by the end of today. Anyways, at around 12:30 I left for PCC for summer school and today was the first day I parked on the Bonnie Street student parking lot and so I got lost and was almost late to class. By coincidence, while I was goin up to the fourth floor for class, the elevator happened to stop on floor 3 and guess who I saw? Andrew Chang! And I thought he was at UCSD! haha. Anyways, class was short again today. Only about an hour, so I came home and tried to work on my website again... still had a few very BIG problems. At around 3, I left for the Red Cross Officers meeting with my bro so that I wouldn't hafta pick him up again to send him to summer school. So, I went to the meeting which turned out to be pretty ordinary. The officers just discussed some upcoming events and stuff. The Youth Corps is holding a garage sale sometime in August, so y'all hearty shoppers come out and support yo! After I sent my bro to school, I just came home and worked on my website till dinner time. Had fried chicken from Albertsons with my dad and bro since my mom is still at class. Now that she's started school at PCC, we only get to see her two nights a week, so the three males in the house hafta support ourselves when it comes to dinner time. =)

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Current thought: I'm really bored. Maybe I should rent Meet Joe Black tonight?